Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Building the team - Rotor Gallery Exhibition, - team activities.

In the reflection of a discussion with Dr Rowan Bailey, (held on Wednesday, 1 February), we were asked to consider how we could stage discussions in contemporary art practice, - through the reflection and debate of topical film. It is intended, therefore, that on future Wednesdays, the film will be screened at 5 PM. After watching the film and making important notes, with the subsequent period of reflection, we will then have a group discussion about the findings of this movie.

Dr Bailey outlined the importance of our maintaining of the blog. Our individual thoughts can be captured as a process, and to develop how we might align our work within current contexts.

It was also reminded that the website we are to grow, as a group, should contain critical research in the following areas;
1) artwork and curatorial thinking together with audience experiences. 'Proper' qualitative research.
2) study and research of cultural awareness; how our research is targeting specific groups.
3) execution. Ideas generation and how we are mapping out to create productive artefacts.
4) an exploration of the social (and Commercial if relevant) benefits of having done this research.

It is important for us to consider how we interpret the module criteria, as this should continually be evidenced, both in the individual blogs that we create and on the team website.

It is also equally important to allocate roles and responsibilities for each of the team members as soon as possible!

In our case, option two, assisting with the Rotor exhibition, we must remember that we have an opportunity to pitch our ideas to Dr Liam Devlin on 1 March!


And now on to what we need to do!

A further meeting in the afternoon of Wednesday 1st, provided me with the following thoughts and notes:

There seems to be a habit of some people within the team of continuing to talk whilst others have the floor. This is really frustrating from a notetaking point of view, but it is also very difficult for everybody to be working on the same page when little sub discussions take place.

I think it might be appropriate to suggest some meeting rules that should be observed for mutual respect and group understanding. Hopefully this will improve cohesiveness within the team and engender a willingness to work with all members, not just a select few or preferred friends.

Rant over:

We need to set up somebody to help in the recording of the setup and installation next week. Tim agreed to attend, having already established that the gallery site technicians do not work on Mondays and Tuesdays, therefore Tim will attend the gallery next Wednesday, 7 February.

Following on from Rowan's suggestion, that we need to set up three sub- teams for areas such as 1) pre-research and customer satisfaction
2) photographers, audio and video recorders, together with web implementers.
3) archivists.

How will we manage the channels of communication? How will this start to work?

Have we considered, 1) are the times of the events appropriate?

Daniel Ainsworth agreed to write up what the recording team needs to do in order to capture effective material to include in the web site. (I have called him the "creative director", therefore).

Alex Oddy can describe what is required for specific photographic shots, of whom we need portrait of, what we need to photograph and when et cetera.

Chelsea Horan suggested: "as we have similar skill sets within the team, rather than everybody turn up on the same day, we could perhaps bid for which day we want to attend. We can individually select what we want to do such as photograph, video and so on, then who wants to do the editing afterwards?" Chelsea suggested that she would set up a "we join in" website for each of the events?

We urgently need to set up a first meeting:

Within this first meeting I would advise that we agree our rules of engagement, not only at future meetings but also at each of the events.
Agree rules of common courtesy where only one person can talk at a time!
Develop themes and ideas for research and also as headlines.
Some of these ideas we may need to contain, others we need to perhaps park until a future occasion.
Once we have the general tasks identified, specific details can then be applied later, but all of this needs to be captured, documented and placed on our website.

Date of next meeting; Wednesday 7th of February, after lunch.

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