Saturday, 1 July 2017

Getting into the flow of writing and drawing.

The need for uninterrupted concentration when writing and drawing is essential for me, and my recent acquisition of the cottage that I'm now sitting in, while on the one hand provides me with a wonderful base of complete peace and solitude: but on the other, requires a fair bit of work to be done on the house in terms of thoroughly cleaning it, rearranging and buying new furniture, painting and decorating and generally making our mark on the property. I simply can't ignore this, and my rather obsessive need to keep putting things right often gets in the way of my creative flow.

The idea of coming away from the University and my normal bustling and busy home environment was, nevertheless, a very sound one. I have been able to write alternative points of view for the various components of my research themes as intended, I probably have more than enough words. However what I recognise as being important is to make sure that these words are re-crafted, reshaped and "re-wordsmithed".

The process of honing and polishing the work of writing often takes as much time as the initial commitment itself. I just need to keep pushing myself through and keep working, together with generating good quality ink drawings as intended.


There is still much to do, but I'm feeling reasonably comfortable that what I have set myself to do as an overall goal, is indeed achievable. Nevertheless, my focus must remain absolutely fixed!

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