Saturday, 19 November 2016

Reflections on a discussion with Dr Rowan Bailey regarding my proposal for digital media research methods.

After a good conversation with Dr Bailey, she recognised and mentioned that it would be worthwhile to revisit the work by Bruno Latour and I should not forget this philosopher's critical initial writings which set the scene for object-oriented ontology.

  • I need to do this to be distinctive with the various camps and ideas centred on speculative realism. 
  • For example it is also worthwhile looking at a counter argument by Barnard Stiegler, who discusses ideas of Heidegger and also to provide a counter argument for techniques such as chance and time.
  • Another good research area to revisit would be the work of Jacques Derrida and his book "Memories of the Blind". Further, work to study "The Metaphor of Drawing and Thinking".
  • (Also not forgetting Michel DeCerto)

My core focus must remain on revisiting "The Peregrine" but also to look at methodologies and modes of drawing on the banality of everyday.  - Rowan also suggested that I take a look at Ben Highmore, regarding psychopathology of the everyday.

I need to work on drawing out from the Peregrine. The ideas of migration, the everyday, banality, and metaphors. To help me to do this, I need to think up new methods and metaphors of fracture. It is worth looking at 'experimental drawing' again to try and find practical ideas for this...

Further suggested reading by Dr Bailey was "sing theory, by Bill Brown" I have subsequently been able to locate the paper by this philosopher online. It will help to position my proposal with a view towards looking through the works of Heidegger.

  • Let the drawing take ownership of itself!

It is also worth revisiting the work of our very own Dr Juliet McDonald, here at the University of Huddersfield, and her "experimental drawing". (I must try to get a copy of her doctoral thesis if possible).

Last but not least Dr Bailey repeated the very sensible mantra of making sure that I can tick off each of the points of the assessment criteria while producing my proposal document!

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