Thursday, 17 November 2016

Weekly briefing of research methods and proposal writing, Reflections upon a short group tutorial with Dr Rowan Bailey.

Reflection on the session of Wednesday 16th of November 2016.

  • It was reminded that the proposal will need to be handed in by Unilearn approximately four weeks today, i.e. before 16 December, one month today. The presentation however will be a week earlier than the proposal hand in date!  I need to therefore make sure my prduction plan fits with these timetables.
  • Dr Bailey asked the group if we are building the narrative for what we need in order to submit it. As a further reminder again I will need approximately 12 texts to define other practitioners who have done similar work what they have done and why.
  • The five methodologies that we have individually been researching must be selected by now, articulated and referenced fully. The balance is required when selecting appropriate methodologies.
  • A statement of consideration of these methodologies is required within the proposal. How have I analysed them and come up with the decision to use a particular methodology or adapted one for my own use.
  • It is essential that we are not using a specific research method directly ourselves, we are not going to actually use them directly, but they will shape the application of our own research method.
  • A clear framework of themes, contents, contexts, aims and objectives that we are setting ourselves is necessary in the opening introduction and as the strawman for this proposal.
  • With regards to word counts it is expected that we will produce at least 3000 words minimally but 6000 words would be much better.
  • A visual analysis of other practitioners works is absolutely required. Why are these practitioners inspirational with regards to your own work?
  • Avoid the use of "I" through the document, but in the reflective section, it is perfectly acceptable and should be used.


11 or 12 point font at a spacing of 1 1/2 or double space is required, with Times new Roman, straight aligned left, clear text should be used.

  • Illustrations should be referenced fully.
  • An abstract is not required at this stage.

Whatever you do, make sure it is useful to you as a working document for the next year of study!

Be careful especially not to duplicate your work for the other module in digital media concepts. If we did, this would put us at risk of self plagiarism.

Within the digital media concepts module, we also need to write a Critical Reflective Summary, and to do so Dr Liam Devlin has created a template which is suitable for our reflective practice.

  • Use the checklist of the assessment criteria!
  • Structure the proposal for 6000 words. For example, provide say 1000 words for the literature review section with clear signposting of the assessment criteria.

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