Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Further reflections with Dr Liam Devlin and discussion with Dr Rowan Bailey.

I am deeply immersed in a period of sensation awareness, but it's becoming almost like an otherworldly mess!

It has been difficult to try to engage in this mode of thought (rightly or wrongly I'm not sure) because concurrently, there is pressure on me to complete the detailed written proposal.  I need to finish that within the next weeks, which outlines my deliberated practice for my following six months commencing January 2017.

In the reflection of a conversation with Dr Devlin last Friday,  the subject of shamanism came through. The idea of liminal thought patterns where one is transfixed in an in-between state between the real world and our deep consciousness is not unlike some of the trance type states of mind that shamans and magicians of ancient cultures place themselves within.

With regards to my practice my own views of creating some kind of animated sequence, but very much displaced from what people perceive as the "normal" (whatever that is). It's important that the work itself informs the viewer of my intention and I need to keep this in mind while creating images.

Meanwhile suggested recommended reading included the work by Donna Haraway and her tentacular practices which involve flight; together with work by Tim Ingold which can be accessed through the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and their online archives will be a good way to both establish and evaluate further ideas

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