Thursday, 19 January 2017

Ideas to commence the Creative Innovation & Entrepeneurialism module.

Having chosen the option to assist with the Huddersfield gallery "Rotor" project, we had a brief discussion with Dr Bailey regarding the requirements for developing a collaborative website for this event. The deadline for the submission of our findings for this module is week commencing 1 March which does not give us very much time to prepare. Furthermore the submission of group presentations will be week commencing 22nd of March and final submission of our electronic portfolio will be 7 April 2016. We have a date in the diary to meet with Dr Liam Devlin who is the curator for this event, and this will be conducted in the postgraduate suite on Friday, 27 January.

This meeting will be an opportunity for us to check and find out the vision that he has towards a website. The question we need to ask ourselves is what will success like?

With regards to the public facing website questions such as Willis archive and publicly available window have items such as;

  • interviews?
  • Critical essays?
  • Events?
  • What are the milestones and venues?
  • Will there be a series of group discussions?
  • What will the promotional activities be?

It is already established that there will be a full event launch and a preview night at the beginning of February 2017. The exhibition will then continue for the next three months, and then a closing event will need to be promoted.

For our own management and internal activities we need to ask ourselves;

  • What are the timescales?
  • What are the deadlines for each of the activities?
  • Is there a funding budget?
  • What skill sets reside in our group?
  • What roles and responsibilities will each of us have?
  • What are the disciplines need to be involved?
  • How frequently do we need to establish creative workshops?
  • How will the website develop, become a platform?
  • Will your website just support the show, or other intentions such as an archive?
  • What other examples can we draw from?

There are approximately eight exhibitors with work for this exhibition ranging from Alex Baldea, Sieba Kurtis, Leila Sailor, Sarah Eyre, Richard Mulhern/Richard Higginbotham, and ASMA.

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